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Control Panel

Welcome to the TalonRO Control Panel

Welcome to the TalonRO Control Panel. You can use this to edit your account and check on various things regarding the server.

Please use the top navigation to find what you need.


At the Account menu you can do anything that is related to your game account. In case you need support, click on Support Ticket. If you want to change the game accounts attached to your forum account or do a password recovery, click Account Management. You can also click Vote For Points in order to vote for the server and earn Copper Coins. Remember to actually type in the codes the topsites ask of you so that your votes count towards the weekly Voting Goal. You can also view the Achievements that you gained while playing the game.


The resources pages are used to look up various things going on in the server. You can lookup all the items and monsters (such as spawn locations, droprates, etc.) by using the ItemDB and MonsterDB. The Shop Databases are basically advanced versions of @whosell or @whobuy. It shows more detailed information about certain items being sold ingame. You can also find useful information here such as the Wiki, the Talonian (our magazine), a Stat Calculator and various rankings.